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Jessica Leach, Co-Owner of Opt Eyewear Boutique

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Jessica Leach is an operations and finance professional turned sales rep and optical boutique owner. After college, Jessica’s first job was as the Inventor Control Coordinator for a retail shop with five locations. Here, she improved control systems, streamlined ordering and transferring, and improved profitability. She did the same with multi-location restaurants and national construction companies by closely monitoring the top-line and making daily adjustments to improve the bottom-line. As an account executive, she increased sales by cultivating relationships with accounts through a combination of techniques, each one specific to that client’s needs. The next chapter combines it all into a passion project. She’s the Co-Founder of the North East Optical Show, a trade show focused on independent eyewear, both promoting independent frame collections, labs, and technology, as well the shops and doctors who feature them.

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