Personalize Your Patients’ Vision with Varilux XR track

With a complementary digital measuring device, Varilux XR track provides a customized approach to progressive lenses.

Near vision requirements have changed dramatically over the last 20 years, and today’s wearers are now continuously challenged to switch their gaze back and forth between various tasks and from one object to another. Whether it’s driving and GPS navigation, walking and checking notifications, or switching between multiple devices, the demands on near vision are greater than ever. In standard progressive lenses, the near vision zone is not always found instinctively and immediately by wearers. Thus, it is necessary to provide wearers with a lens that is personalized to their unique visual behavior.    

EssilorLuxottica’s Varilux XR track has been a great option for the presbyopes in our practice. Varilux XR track personalizes the position of the near vision zone for each patient through the Near Vision Behavior Measurement. The Near Vision Behavior Measurement captures four parameters: gaze lowering, reading distance, lateral offset (where you hold reading materials in relation to the body), and visual behavior (whether you move your head or just your eyes when reading).  

Personalized for Each Patient
As both an optician and a wearer, I have personally had a wonderful experience with the Varilux XR track within our practice so far. The lens opens up the reading and computer zones to such a great width, you can barely notice the edges. In addition, personally, I have found that the width in the distance is truly second to no other lens. The specific near vision measurements allow for the reading zone to be truly optimized and personalized to each and every patient. This makes for a more natural reading posture for Varilux XR track wearers. I’ve even found that this can help those left-handed patients find their spot more easily. 

The Varilux XR track is an ideal lens for almost every single patient. From the earliest presbyopes to the 80-year-old with the high add. This lens opens up the zones in significant ways that can benefit the first-time wearer as well as the patient wearing progressive lenses for 30 years.  

Implementing the Varilux XR track Lens into Your Practice
Implementing the Varilux XR track into the standard of care for a practice is relatively easy. First and foremost, it is critical you get the Eye-Ruler 2 measuring device to accurately capture the patient’s unique reading position. This digital measuring device takes all standard measurements, as well as position-of-wear measurements and the exclusive Near Vision Behavior Measurement. On top of that, it is easy to incorporate into any practice and can be used with all patients, whether single vision or progressive. 

Secondly, since this lens provides the best possible wearing experience, it’s as simple as presenting this as the best lens for every presbyope. Present your office’s standard of care as providing the best possible visual solutions for each patient’s needs, and it will be easy to introduce and capture patients into this product.

With precision down to the tenth of a millimeter, the Eye-Ruler 2 has become our standard way of measuring all progressive designs. Additionally, it’s a necessary tool to measure for the Varilux XR track since it allows us to obtain the reading preferences. Because the Eye-Ruler 2 captures additional measurements, the Varilux XR track lens can be designed to match exactly how the patient looks in their near zone. This gives each and every Varilux XR track wearer an individualized and personal wearing experience, maximizing the near zones to match their actual needs. This process is so unique — no other product on the market can provide this level of customization in the near zones.

Improving Patient Experience
I have been wearing progressive lenses since 2009. In the past 15 years, I have worn and tested over 200 progressive lens designs. Nothing has come close to the Varilux XR track in providing the perfect balance between distance, midrange, and near. I recommend this solution to all my patients, and I encourage eye care professionals to adopt the lens into their practices. While there were some minor learning curve elements early on, this was quickly resolved, and I now help to teach offices that are a little less tech-savvy on just how easy it is. 

If you truly want to provide the best visual solutions for your patients, you should be introducing the Varilux XR track and Eye-Ruler 2 into your offices. The ability to provide a fully personalized experience is exactly the kind of service we all should be striving for.

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  • Ric Peralta, ABOC, HFOAA

    Ric Peralta, known as the Optical Jedi, has been working in the eye care field for over 30 years. He began his career while still in high school, with the intention to pursue a career as an optometrist. After completing his BS in Biology from the University of San Francisco, and taking his OAT, he realized his true calling and passion lay in the dispensary. Nearly 10 years working in Beverly Hills taught him how to find solutions for highly demanding patients. Since 2000, his primary focus has been in the understanding of frame and lens technologies and perfecting a system for adjusting frames to improve patient vision and comfort in the era of modern digital lenses. In 2017, Ric began a blog to provide information to patients so they could be better prepared to ask the right questions when they visited their ECPs. Since that time, he has launched on social media platforms with the goal of educating other opticians and eyewear professionals so they may better provide exceptional service to their patients. In 2021, he began consulting services, to train individual practices on their specific needs.This February, Ric was named the 2023 Healthy Sight Ambassador at the Transitions Academy Innovation Awards.

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