Oakley’s Brand Evolves with Animated Film and Comic Book

LAKE FOREST, Calif. — Oakley has announced the latest evolution of its brand with the release of “Future Genesis: Chapter One,” an animated fiction film and an adaptation in the form of an ashcan preview comic by Dark Horse. Set in the aftermath of the original 1992 Max Fearlight film and preceding the teaser films released in 2023, this next chapter heralds a new era, channeling Oakley’s disruptive DNA into an evolutionary path of unleashed possibility.   

Future Genesis is the journey to a protopian future, a world that is better today than yesterday. Oakley fuses its almost 50-year legacy with the momentum of a new generation, embracing a vision of hope and acceptance while remaining true to its DNA. This universe-building continues to reinvent the brand at every pillar — including storytelling, retail, and upcoming products. 

“Chapter One follows Max Fearlight, symbolizing Oakley’s legacy, as he undergoes an evolution parallel to the brand,” shared Brian Takumi, VP of Creative & Soul at Oakley. “This is more than a story and a campaign; it is a framework with a brand vision translated towards a limitless future and into the real world. From the renovation of our Foothill Ranch Lobby and global stores to product design and innovation, it is the beginning of reimagining everything for Oakley.” 

The Chapter One film and preview comic re-introduces Max, the cornerstone of Oakley’s heritage, who grows increasingly more cautious of the outside world, and a new character, his wife Sasha, whose outlook remains hopeful. Caught in between is their rebellious and spirited daughter, Maxine Fearlight, who’s set on creating her own legacy and embodies the essence of curiosity, optimism, and the promise of Oakley’s future. Looking into the storm, Max perceives danger, Sasha envisions a brighter tomorrow, and Maxine sees sparks of possibility amidst the chaos. 

Carving a new multimedia path ahead, Oakley progresses its storytelling in a new form by partnering with Dark Horse, one of the largest comic publishers in the U.S., to unveil a preview comic depicting the Future Genesis storyline and made available in late May. 

“Partnering with Oakley for ‘Future Genesis: Chapter One’ is an exciting opportunity for Dark Horse, and we are thrilled to bring the world of Future Genesis to life through this unique preview comic book,” said Cara O’Neil, Vice President of Marketing at Dark Horse Comics. 

Fantasy informs reality as Future Genesis brings new breakthroughs to be announced from Oakley through easter eggs, signaling the brand’s new wave of distinctive design and progressive technology.  

“Future Genesis: Chapter One” is available to view at www.oakley.com/futuregenesis.   

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